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    Why the changes in McAfee Total Protection 2010 midstream


      I just reinstalled total protection 2010 after getting my laptop running again after today's crash, due to McAfee's not ready for primetime 4/21/2010 update.  The reinstalled total protection (only one now available) has a different look to the one I installed last fall when I bought it.  That is okay.  What is not okay is the content is reduced, that in midyear McAfee has decided to remove some of the features I bought--mainly those in the maintain computer option--the cleaning of system restore points and letting me know the items cleaned (that is amount) in each category.  Why?  No notification was offered, no explanaton given.


      Quite frankly, in any other industry, a company would be called to explain themselves.  I guess, as yet, there are no rules or regulations in such matters for software vendors.  Today's debacle  with the release of the problem update is clear evidence of the lack of any oversight or quality control.  Total protection was a better product.  It is still good but slowly moving into nothing special category.  I wonder how long before the clean (optimization) option is dropped entirely.  Sad to see a product I really liked start to diminish.

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          There are no plans to discontinue QuickClean, and in fact we are looking at improving it.


          To that end, I've been trying to collect input from people who use QuickClean in order to send a prioritized, collated list of suggestions to the planning people.


          I've noted that you would like the Restore Points, um, restored to QuickClean, and you'd like a displayed summary of what was removed.


          What other improvements would you like to see in QuickClean, and can you list them by priority?






          P.S. Regarding your comments about Total Protection declining, if you have specific, helpful suggestions for the rest of the Total Protection suite, I will pass them on as well.

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            Thanks for your response.




            I have one additional item to request at this time.  The option to securely erase the cleaned files using the shredder by specifying the number of passes.  I have no idea what options are being used now to delete the identified files.  Is it just the standard windows quick option?  This would be my guess given how quickly the files are now erased.  All 3 items I listed are equally important to me--system restore deletion, listing (like before) the number of items deleted in each category, and the ability to shred the cleaned files.


            Beyond this at present I have no requests.  This is primarily because I have no more time to spend on McAfee concerns after spending all of Wednesday taking care of my computer crash.   Going through the newly redesigned product will take time away from my work.


            While I appreciate your request for feedback, I find myself wodering which of the current users of Total Protection were approached to get comments on the features before the revised product was released.  This was more than just an update to correct issues, this was real changes, or rather deletions.  I am glad to hear there are no plans to remove quickclean.


            As I start looking for and using features of the new McAfee Total Protection as time would allow in the coming months,  I will be sure to let you know of other specific concerns I have .



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              Apologies for the delay in responding; it's been a busy few days.


              Thanks for the input on QuickClean and Shredder.  I have recorded your input in a spreadsheet which I will pass on to Product Management when I get some more input from others and an idea of the number of people who would want each change.


              I can't promise any of these changes will get made; in fact, I believe the System Restore option was deliberately removed because of the danger of removing restore points that cusotmers might need/want.  The upcoming version (2011) will have some changes - hopefully ones you'll like.


              Of course you can delete ALL restore points (not recommended) by just clicking on the checkbox next to "Turning off System Restore" on My computer > Properties > System Restore.  Once they're gone, you can re-enable the system restore if you want.


              Thanks again for the input.

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                Thanks for the follow up.  Note that in addition to the items I mentioned as desired before--


                The old cleaner allowed for cleaners for:

                recycle bin

                temp files


                lost file fragment




                browser history

                outlook express (sent)

                outlook express (deleted)

                outlook (sent)

                outlook (deleted)

                recently used


                system restore points.


                Does the newly revised cleaner allow for cleaners for all of these (i.e. apart from the system points which you already said was no longer an option).  And how can I choose what I want cleaned (like before)?  I looked around the newly revised Total Protection but could find nowhere in the revised product what areas were being cleaned or how to choose what I want cleaned.


                My guess is that a small subset from the above list is now done as decided (but not shown) by McAfee.  Going to tools does not allow for choices to be made like in the product I used up to last Wednesday, prior to the revisions.


                My reason for concluding that only a small subset of cleanings is now offered is because of the small number of files cleaned with the new cleaner compared to the old (as of last Wednesday for me) cleaner --at most a little over 2000 files cf at least 10,000 and many more (sometimes twice to three times that amount) depending on the computer session.  There is also no registry given as being cleaned as before.  Would be nice to see specifically what was cleaned vs guessing.


                And no option of ways of shredding the cleaned files like before.


                One further comment to follow up on your comment on deleting system points which, for example, is offered in XP Professional.  I know that if I do a search on the MS site, there are options for all the different cleaners using MS commands.  However, one of the pluses of McAfee Total Protection is that it offered all in one place for the user who does not aspire to a computer tech status (even a lay one) or spend the time looking around and issuing many different commands.  Quite frankly, to take your comment to the ultimate conclusion there is, for example, no need for a McAfee firewall in a product, The same may be true of at least some of the other products being marketed under total protection?  I do not know the answer to the last question, although I am sure if I wanted to spend the time I could find out.  Bottom line is that I bought Total Protection because to me it offered just that-- total protection.  It may be that you could offer a danger alert to users when they check the box for cleaning system restore points.  Although it did leave teh most recent system restore point.  It would be nice to also add a free space cleaner as an option like you did in a product in the early to mid 90s (I forget the name)--that would make it even more total protection.


                Thanks again for your follow up on this.

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                  I agree with everything you're saying.


                  In this change of toolset another issue is that XP users have been abandoned. Tools to replace some of the removed tools are NOT part of XP as they may be with Windows 7. What role does Microsoft have in this?


                  The convenient and useful XP tools McAfee provided are going the way of the horse and buggy. I repeat buggy. In addition to the loss of functionality, bug issues exist with the "upgrade" that removed the Backup/Restore tools from the suite of functionalities McAfee sold as Total Protection for XP.


                  I get similar friendly responses from the McAfee personell who've answered my posts, god bless them, and helpful hints from the volunteer moderators. Of course all their hands are are tied.  No promises to restore or compensate for the lost tools has been forthcoming.


                  This looks like a business decision from a company cutting costs by simplifying their product offering. That's valid business. However, McAfee should have waited to implemented these significant service reductions until after the last valid license subscription contract entered into for the original tool set offered as Total Protection expired. It should not have done it midstream of active contracts with a large group of users.


                  McAfee needs to man up. Since they chose another business path which is likely their right, they should cover ALL the costs of that decision including providing their XP subscribers with a free 2 year extension of their subscriptions,  a credit towards future McAfee purchases, or cash as just compensation for the tangible damage done to our computer systems - its only fair.





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                    Thanks for the added information Joe.  I was not aware that many of these featrures are now available on Windows 7 which I have no plans to get since I  got new computers with XP within the last 2 years.  I am sure McAfee is aware that up to the first sale of Windows 7 it was possible to buy a new computer with XP Prof newly installed from one of the big computer sellers.  I do not know if that is still so.


                    If McAfee has made a business decision to not fully serve XP users they should fess up.  Then we can shop around for other programs. It is always time consuming to change to a new product.  But one has to go with the best available product.  Hope I do not have to change but will see.


                    I was really shocked that McAFee could take away some Total Protection features in the middle of the year just as they wanted.  After all, many of us cannot afford to just run out and get new computers and/or Windows 7.  After all, the product box does say it is for XP.


                    At this point I am waiting to see how goes the Cleaning Features.  Will wait to hear the final decisions relayed from the pwers that be.


                    And I totally agree, the respondents (moderators and McAFee personnel) to the posts are always pleasant and give as much information as they can, always very clearly.



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                      Okay, this update just hit my system today.  Not pleasant or appreciated.  Not even a little bit.  Users here make many good points.  McAfee should listen intently and I will tell you why.


                      Think Norton (Symantec).  Remember System Tools 2000?  Remember how subsequent versions just kept dropping more and more functions?  Feel familiar?  That is why I even started with McAfee.  It ended up in a severe loss of market share for McAfee both in the home and business sectors.  There was also a class action lawsuit.  I should know, I was one who sent them packing both at home and in my enterprise.  In fact, recently a Symantec sales rep called me.  My response:  "If you cannot make a simple home product function, why would I ask for that in my enterprise?  Please lose my number."


                      After today's issue I contact support.  The tech did not listen to me.  He even deleted the install files I had downloaded for McAfee products specifically the standalone product the update gave me for Backup and the McAfee Anti-Theft Protection which I had many files stored there.  After he ran the McAfee cleanup tool, that was gone.  And guess what?  The download link from my account page?  404.


                      Also, I clearly demonstrated in the shared session that the network tool was not showing all objects on my network, including a command line ping.  No explanation, no escalation, just "I have solved your problem.  Have a good day."


                      Now, let it be known I am the McAfee system administrator for three enterprises.  That's right, TPS managed my ePO Orchestrator.  I cannot wait for Monday.  Approximately 1500 seats here.  I have already warned my support desk.  I have also stopped repository updates.


                      Yep, very unhappy here.  I can see that these changes are to be in compliance with W7.  Hello, McAfee, I am not on W7.  Yet.  And if this affects my enterprise like it has just affected my home computer, I feel I will be shopping with my software vendor by the morning break on Monday.


                      Also, system administrators are usually members on listservs that are always looking for solutions, software recommendations, etc.  What do you think emails will be flying around email accounts?


                      Methinks your support person should not have blown this off.


                      Missing my product already.

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                        Thanks again forum.  I'm going to include these comments in my report to Product Management.

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                          Thanks and I wish you well in communicating the frustrations being felt by a lot of loyal McAfee users.


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