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    XP sr3 Crashes at shutdown and restarts


      This has been going on for at least a week prior to today (4/21/10). PC A shows the Windows shutdown screen, then a very brief BSOD then restarts, even when the intent was to shut down.


      PC B hangs at the BSOD; the only way out for both 'puters is to depower.


      Both computers have very recent and current McAfee AntiVirus Plus as family deal.


      I think this was happening before the issue that was in the news today.


      A live chat technician was not helpful. He remoted in to 'puter 2 (about a month ago), ran CHKDSK, highlighted a disk error and suggested that was causing the crash. Now 'puter 1 has the same error. Unable to fix it. Both worked perfecly before McAfee. Any help appreciated. I cannot afford the time it is taking to work on this.


      I can't find how to tell the version or DAT file in current use. Can someone point me there?

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          On restart WXP SR3 gives me the "Windows has recovered from a serious error" message. Sometimes there are as many as four of these.

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            I got exactly the same problem today. After the Mcafee total protection updated, it asked for a restart. I decided to shutdown the machine, however, it turned into a restart. After it reboots and log in, it showed a message about windows just recovered from a serious error. I searched the web about the 5958 issue, and verified the update I got today is 5967. I did not caught the 5958 issue, or maybe it did and it just come out this time. Anyway, I tried shutdown several times, everytime it turns into reboot.So far, it has no problem to be put into standby mode, which is usualy I do when I am not using the computer.


            I did some further test on my netbook, it also got updated to 5967 no problem of shut down. The difference it that about a week ago, the total protection of my desktop got automatically upgraded to 2010, but since I am not using my netbook so often, up to now it is still 2009 version.


            Hopefully, there will be an answer from Mcafee for this issue.