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    Windows Vista constantly crashes after McAfee Security Centre update 16/4/10 6:50pm EST Sydney Australia

      Hi guys,


      I read the thread regarding the customer that had a similar issue with Windows 7 crashing after the latest McAfee Security Centre update, but no one has posted whether the customers problem was resolved.


      We have a similar problem, but on machine running Windows Vista. Subsequent to the McAfee update pushed out at the time mentioned, my girlfriends laptop now hangs/freezes a couple of seconds after she logs on, EVERY time.It worked perfectly up top this point.


      I can run the machine in safe mode and have run various system checks to see if there was a hardware issue, but all those checks indicate that there is nothing wrong with the machine. I have also adjusted the start up programs and have disabled a number of them to see if that made any difference, but all to no avail - the machine hangs/freezes EVERY time..sigh..


      Any thoughts, advice or guidance would be much appreciated. Also to the McAfee reps/moderator - Whats McAfee doing to investigate whether they sent out a buggy/defective update and is a solution forthcoming???