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    Update Issues

      The Local School District just issued this Bulletin:


      To: All Staff
      Subject: Mcafee issue disables computers

      A new Mcafee virus update has disabled many computers in the district. This Mcafee issue is affecting users all over the world.


      We have a call in to Mcafee support and are working on a fix.



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          Peter M

          Moved to your own thread as the subject is different from where you posted.


          This issue is being dealt with.


          However, we have been told that it is an Enterprise issue...are you using home products?



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            I can confirm it affects home users also.

            I watched the update occur at 11.14 this morning, all my PCs (XP Pro) immediately started failing.  I went nuts thinking it was a mass virus attack.  It took most of the afternoon to identify it was not that nor a h/w problem, that SVCHOST.EXE was being removed.  My wife (the IT manager at her company) called me to discuss the problems she was seeing across her entire network.  Same symptoms, a bad auto update.  She was able to identify that the PCs in her network that updated last night were OK only those updated this morning were knocked out.

            I need the dat file for home users to get my PCs running again.  Thank goodness for thiss old win98 laptop that was not being used.

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              Peter M

              Right.  A new update is being circulated asap.

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                Wow, just read it on the News too.

                Hospitals shuttting down ER's,  Police departments having to shut off Computers in Patrol cars..

                I'm thinking Major Lawsuits against McAfee in the near Future. Wow, Major Screw Up I'd say...

                Another Question, Does McAfee have REAL live Tech Support people that actually know the Product?

                I don't mean the guys in india with only canned answers and very very limited abilities or the  Wannabe helpers here on this forum..



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                  Peter M

                  Yes they do but the guys in India and elsewhere refer to them.  All you have to do is ask them to escalate the matter.


                  Regarding the update it isn't the first time it's happened nor is it only confined to McAfee, they've all had the problem at various points.


                  The media do tend to exaggerate somewhat.   I have the update and nothing has happened to any of my four systems.

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                    If the guys in India ( and else where) refer to these unknown other guys, why not just get rid of the guys in India and elsewhere and go to the people who really do know?

                    Also, You say the media exaggerates the reports, but at my work, The IT guys must now go to each of hundreds/thousands of computers to fix this latest screw-Up by McAfee.

                    McAfee should be forced to re-imburse them for all the associated Cost to do so. Afterall, it isn't the end users fault, it is McAfees fault, therefore Liabilty.

                       From the recent chain of events, it appears that McAfee does NOT test these updates  and such before allowing them to infect Thousands/Millions of computers.

                    We have this issue as well as the Unresolved Shutdown error issue STILL!

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                      Peter M

                      Do you want to pay a fortune for the software?   That's how costs are kept down.  Call centres employing many people take the calls or chat online and get guidance from the few McAfee technicians and developers as and when needed. I've found support to be extremely helpful if one can get around the initial canned responses.

                      Yes, I'm a customer just like you.

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                        You are one of the FEW lucky ones if you found the existing Support to be helpful.

                        My experience with them has been the exact opposite. No help at all. Just a lot of fumbling around by someone who obviously had NO clue what they were doing.

                        My experience was so bad that I will never contact McAfee support via the Telephone ever again.

                        Companies should be required to put a dislaimer on each box of software stating that they use 3rd world countries for support instead of people that actually know the product inside and out.

                        Now, Please explain how this recent run of events was allowed to happen if you can. How many weeks have we been fighting this Shut down error thing? Even after all this time, McAfee wants the end users to solve it for them.

                        Now with this Re-booting/Crashing problem, McAfee has even bigger problems.

                        What happened to the days when McAfee was a great Stable product and you could pick and choose which elements you wanted to install?



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                          The 5959extra.exe update does not work on any of my systems, I get a "no qualifying programs" error message.  So possibly home small business will have to wait for a separate fix??

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