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    Virus...NT Authority

      Again it seemed my XP SP3 machine has picked up something. This message just appeared


      NT Authority/System...DCom Server Process Launcher terminated...

      It proceeded to shutdown and restarts my system and trying to run a full McAfee scan resulted in the same thing.


      Help, please, anyone???

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          I am having the exact same probelem. Started mid-day today. Every time I try to do a McAfee scan, I get the same NT shutdown message with a 1-minute warning. Then my computer restarts. Please help.

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            Coincidence or what...my problem started around the same time. I was able to stop the shutdown and restart nonsense by doing the following




            -then type:  shutdown -a then enter. Do this before the countdown ends.


            After doing this though, McAfee Security Center is of no use. I was not able to run a scan. Web pages are very slow to open but I finally got onto MS Windows Malicious Software removal tool and I've been running it for the last 5 hrs. (just completed as I was writing this). Thing is, it says nothing is infected but I know something is there. I also do not know what to look for in the resulting report of a very long list of Win32/xx... and WinNT/xx... they all say 'not infected'.


            Right or wrong, I have no idea. Anyone has any idea what I could try next?

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              The same thing happened to me this afternoon.  I used the "shutdown -a" command to keep the computer on.  I am not sure what else has happened to my computer.  Now I am unable to start ms explorer and McAfee.  I can not access the internet with that computer.  Some windows services are unable to start that would allow internet access.  The event logs don't open for me.

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                WOW... I've had exactly the same thing happen but on 2 machines!  First my laptop which received the NT Authority error and shut down... on restart it fails to start and although trying to lauch XP just stops at a black screen.  I then went to our another machine thinking I could look into the problem and the exact same NT Authority error... this machine does start but can't access the internet, anti-virus and the XP interface has chaged in 'style' as the fonts are different as well as the colours. The 2 machines are not networked but share the same wireless hub and a 3 license version of McAfee. Not sure what to do.... any help would be greatfully received.


                Quick Update....

                Just seen this on the McAfee KnowledgeBase website... haven't read it fully but mentions "DCOM error, followed by shutdown messages after updating to the 5958 DAT  on April 21, 2010" and I got a DCOM error then shutdown so I will read it fully now.... here's hoping!





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                  Go to Somer Pyron's posts on this thread: 'Unable to use Windows after updating the DAT file' the fix is there. The problem has something to do with an update to Security Center today (Apr 21). Somer's instructions will fix you up nicely.


                  Check it out, you will be very happy...

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                    Hi Ehapi,


                    Thanks for the info... it did the trick and both machines are now back to normal so great news.  I did initially try following the details on the link I posted but I didn't have the folders it mentioned on my system so I'm assuming that fix was for the enterprise version or somthing.


                    So thanks again for the link as it has made me very happy!