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    Can this be done?


      Hi all,


      I'm running an SG560, ver. 4.04. This is used in a small, family owned business. I've been 'playing' with VPN (PPTP) on this, and have had it working to a degree.


      We have 2 internet connections. One is DSL, which is quite slow, 3-500k, due to our location, but has been really stable.


      We keep this as a backup to our wireless (wimax) service. This, when it's working, runs about 3 meg.


      I'd like to use VPN on the DSL connection only. Can this be done?


      I've currently set up the Failover to use the wireless as primary, and the DSL as secondary.


      I don't mind searching through documentation, but I've not seen anything yet, and I'm not sure if I'm wasting my time or not.


      I'm also seeing this in the logs quite a bit when I've been trying it out from home.

      Apr 20 20:04:05 pptpd[24470]: CTRL: Asked to free call when no call open, not handled well
      Apr 20 20:04:05 pptpd[24470]: CTRL: Could not free Call ID [admin shutdown]!
      Apr 20 20:04:05 pptpd[24470]: CTRL: Couldn't write packet to client.
      Apr 20 20:04:05 last message repeated 1 time(s)




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          the log messages can be ignored.


          When you enable the pptp vpn server, it will accept connections on any link.


          simply get your client to connect to the relevant IP that is on the link you want to use.


          let me know if I have misunderstood your question

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            Hi Ross,


            You didn't misunderstand, I have a follow-up though.


            If I understand correctly, I would need to have both dsl and wireless as primary, so they will be up when I need them.


            If I leave both internet connections up, can I make the 560 use the quicker, wireless one for internal use?


            I had both up as primary at one time, but would sometimes end up on the dsl connection.



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              On v4 firmware each internet interface has a 'preferred gateway' option.


              if you select this, this link will always be the default link. If you select more than one, it will round robin load balance between them

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                Thanks! I'll give that a shot!