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    Rogue System Detection on ePO 4.5

      Hi All,


      I have an ePO 4.5 server and cannot seem to configure a Rogue Sensor with any of the devices. When I install a rogue sensor to a device, the status monitor of that device does not indicate any software being installed. I have run a query to see which sensors have communicated but it shows that there are none.What I need to know is:


      1. Does Rogue System Detection come with 4.5(I see it in the master repository software list but no folder when it replicates)


      2. How do I determine if the sensor is working or not.


      3. Is there a seperate installation for RSD on the mcafee site that I can use.



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          Firstly, any device that you are trying to install a sensor to must have an agent installed first. (That catches out a lot of people.)

          RSD is included in 4.5 - the product code (somewhat confusingly) is SNOWCAP_2000, its legacy name.

          To determine if it's working, check the rssensor_out.log on the machine where the sensor is installed. If you're not sure if it's installed, check the addr/remove programs list - it should show up in there.

          There's not really a separate installation for it, as each sensor is tied to the server that owns it - they have to use the same certificates, otherwise they can't communicate.


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            Thanks for the quick response Joe. Is the agent you referring to the Mcafee agent? If yes, this machine does have the agent installed. I have done a quick search and cannot find file called rssensor_out.log on this system. When the sensor is installed, does it reflect under the the installed product in the agent or epo? Also, the test sensor is a window 7 machine. dont know if this matters

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              Ah, yes - Windows 7 is probably the problem here. It's not currently in the list of supported environments for RSD 4.5 - please see KB 67203  for more detail.

              I'm not sure when it will be supported - I'll try and find out - but for the moment try it on an alternative OS.


              Regards -



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                I ran RSS installation task on a windows XP machine about 16 hours ago and there is still no inidcation that it is a sensor has been installed, both on the client machine or on the server(ran Active Sensor Response query). The installation files are int eh snowcap directory in the repositories so that is not the issue. I did a manual installation of the sensor and it seems to have picked up on the machine so it may indicate an issue with ePO pushing the sensor specifically.

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                  I will send you guys a copy of Windows 7 if that is what preventing your from developing applications with support for Windows 7.


                  Everytime I read through this forum, my frustruation rises to unimaginable levels. Is there any product in McAfee that at present WORKs with Windows 7 or Windows 2008? Supported and Working are on opposite ends in my experience. How many developers do McAfee have? 5?