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    Issues with Repository pull after upgrading to EPO 4.

      Hi there,


      We have recently upgraded our EPO from version 3.6 to version 4 patch 5.


      Now we are unable to successfully get a repository pull from our scheduled pull task.


      If we try and run a manul pull task, on step 2 (package selection) i get an error saying that 'Site Catalog not found' and can go no further


      The error that we get from the EpoApSvr.log is as follows.


      20100420115936 I #4396 SIM_InetMgr Downloaded file catalog.z successfully in session 1
      20100420115936 E #4396 NAISIGN Error, hash +VrnQw/MI2XYECmyKkMkOyDKn28= of public DSA key found in package has not been authorized
      20100420115936 e #4396 SiteMgr DecryptAndExtractCatalogCabFile: Package catalog file C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\naiFA9.tmp\00000000\catalog.z is signed but failed validation.  File has been tampered with, corrupt, or was signed by unknown source
      20100420115936 e #4396 SiteMgr DecryptAndExtractCatalogCabFile: Failed to verify signature of catalog file C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\naiFA9.tmp\00000000\catalog.z
      20100420115936 I #4396 SiteMgr DecryptAndExtractCatalogCabFile: Verified signature of catalog file G:/PROGRA~1/McAfee/EPOLIC~1/DB\software\catalog.z
      20100420115936 I #4396 naInet FTP Session 5 closed



      Before we upgraded to EPO 4 we were getting our updates via a server that was running ProtectionPilot - it was downloading the updates from the web and we had a ftp pull importing them into our master repository.


      Now the question is, will EPO 4 still be able to pull the updates from the protectionpilot server, or is that feature now no longer supported.


      Since we are a closed network, we do not have external internet access, so i am unable to schedule a pull from Mcafee.


      Any help to resolve the above issue would be most appreciated.



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