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    not ableto complete full virus scan!!!!

      I have no problem running quick scans.but when i run the full scan, my system freezes at 81% what should I do?? please help

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          Hi bcvaidyanath,


          I understand that your are unable to perform a full scan using McAfee software on your computer, however not to worry we are here to help you with this issue. Before we go ahead we need few info about your computer :


          > May i know the operating system installed on your computer (Xp, Vista, 7)

          > Do you have any other Antivirus, Antispywares installed your computer apart from McAfee....?

          > Also may i know the name of the file or the location on which the full scan stops or hangs..?




          Rakesh P

          McAfee Technical Support

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            I hav a vista, no other antispyware or antivirus otherthan mcafee, and i am unable to get the file name as my system completely hangs and stops working, i am unable to do anything with it.

            i hope it helps.



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              Restart the computer and start tapping the F8 key,
              from the windows advanced boot options select safe mode
              Try to run a full scan in safe mode and check whether it proceeds far 81%

              Kindly update me on the status.


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              Dinesh K



              on 4/21/10 2:48:00 PM GMT-06:00
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                hi, i jus checked, when scan stops at 81%, mcafee has detected 3 items and quarantined them.Also it stops scan at c:\windows\winsxs\temp\configuration.dll.


                I checked the winsxs folder, i found these files suspicious

                1.ehres.dll.mui - tried removing it, couldnt do it, but cant find the file now.

                2. e4562a9877d1ca01740f000084074413


                2and 3were in temp folder of winsxs, I tried removing, but couldnt succeed. Also i manually scanned thec:\windows\winsxs\temp , my sys froze, and when I scanned the winsxs folder, system froze at 59%.

                I think these are viruses, there may be others, but I cant find them

                What should I do? please help



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                  hi tried to run full scan in safe mode, after about 1% my mcafee status said, my comp is not fully protected, and i stoppedthe process, what should I do?

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                    I forgot to mention, in safe mode, my mcafee status in notprotected, but when I switch back to the normal mode, My protection status is positive, mcafee is normally running.

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                      When Mcafee ran a scheduled scan it detected Artemis4C0E4DCAE99 trojan and quarantined it. But it did not remove it. But it removed another Artemis version trojan, and Generic dowloader.How should I remove the other virus. Please help