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    Slow File Share

      Been messing with this for a week and finally found the problem. Mcafee. I have reinstalled windows 4 times diff versions. Now WIn7 Home. File sharing to XP Home very fast. Install mcafee slows to crawl even when I turn off. Uninstall mcafee Fast again.. What gives

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          I'm not a product expert but I've moved your post to our Home User area. Hopefully someone can help soon.

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            Same problem here. I'm running latest mcafee total protection 10 and 
            it's causing slow outbound file copies to my LAN.

            Uninstall mcafee and problem goes away.


            NOTE you have to uninstall,  'turning' off scan does nothing because the windows service is still running.

            This problem has only recently started to occur - the last two weeks or so.


            McAfee SecurityCenter

            Version: 10.0

            Build: 10.0.580

            Affid: O

            Language: en-au

            Last update: 2010-04-24


            McAfee Virus Scan

            Version: 14.0

            Build: 14.0.309

            Last Update: 2010-04-24

            DAT Version: 5961

            DAT Creation Date: 2010-04-23

            Engine Version: 5400.1158

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              Solved for me, If you have an onboard ethernet port then there is a setting for checksum, Disable and all is well

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                ok, the mcafee update that was just released seems to have fixed it now without resorting to changing network settings



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                  Please, jjk94, can you tell me where is the check for the inbound ethernet port, thanks.

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                    should be in device manager - network device - then advanced settings.

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                      We identified slow outbound/upload connections with the newer operating systems running certain network cards.  We've released a patch yesterday and today that should address this issue.  Please reply back letting us know whether this patch resolves your issue.