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    Lenovo T400, 5.1.2, AHCI = BSOD stop 0x0000007B

      The facts:


      Currently manage 100's of T400's under SAfeBoot 5.1.2 encryption.  One T400 in particular was encrtyped successfully today.  The user had the laptop for 3/4 day, came to me advising that when th user restarted logged into pre boot, he was receiving a BSOD stop 0x0000007B when Windows XP splash screen and progress bar appears.  The BIOS config for SATA is set to AHCI.  CHKDSK /r is always run on our system as a pre-req prior to install.


      If I change AHCI to Compatibility, Windows loads successfully without issue.


      Upgraded the client to 5.2.4 based on recommendation of McAfee tech support based on KB67157.  Same ill behavior if I reset to AHCI.


      Any possibility this could be a failing drive?  What about a Boot Sector Virus?  Corrupt boot volume?  Other thoughts?


      Perhaps this is not  spefically related to a T400 as so much that it could be an issue with the system but I wanted to have that piece of information in the mix.


      Thanks for your assistance.