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    Renewed McAfee Total Protection; are "Available Features" FREE?

      Hello McAfee community!


      I'm a loyal McAfee user & furthermore recommend it to all of my forum members, fellow Internet users, as well as family & friends. I have renewed my McAfee Total Protection, upgrading it to McAfee Total Protection 2010 (found a price deal on PriceGrabber.com selling it for $29.98), and have the following "Available Features" that I can download & enable:


      • McAfee Online Back-Up, powered by Mozy
      • McAfee Quick Clean & Shredder



      Earlier this month I was reading an article on Neowin.net about two ladies suing McAfee for billing them for features & services that they "enabled," not knowing nor told that these services were "premium services" by McAfee. So these ladies basically just enabled these services in McAfee & their accounts were instantly billed, without any notification or confirmation/verification, and billed monthly at that under a discrete name/service.


      Now I don't want to be billed for anything by McAfee as the deals I get to continue using McAfee Total Protection empty out my wallet enough as it is. That is why I'm asking whether or not the above-posted available services are free to download, enable, & use? They sound like great services and it would suck if they are not included for users that are using McAfee Total Protection - it just seems odd that if they are available for us Total Protection users/customers, then why was/is not pre-included with the software?


      Also, if I already use the FREE MozyHome back-up tool/service, will it conflict if I use McAfee Online Back-up, since it's powered by Mozy? Can I use both of them at once or do I have to choose one or the other? Which one is better - the one I am using "MozyHome" is FREE with 2.5GB of space. If the above available service provided by McAfee by Mozy isn't free, forget it...MozyHome is free. If it's not more than 2.5GB, than how is it provided by Mozy when Mozy offers more? How much space is provided?


      Here's a reference by the way as the cool thing about MozyHome:


      Free PC Data Back-Up is that if you refer people to use it, both you AND your referral get an extra 0.5GB of space.


      I hope that the online-back up service provided by Mozy for McAfee is more space than MozyHome so I don't have to keep referring people. I also hope both the back-up service and quick cleaner/shredder are free for us Total Protection users.


      Waiting for reply with thorough answers & explanations, from both/either users, & McAfee staff!



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