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    Any Issues with Buffer Overflow DAT 499 and pushing via EPO


      We are contemplating configuring our EPO server to download and deploy the latest Buffer Overflow DAT 499. Our EPO server manages about 1400 VSE 8.7i and 400 VSE 8.5i systems. I know that the buffer overflow DAT fixes issues when pushing out Patch 3.


      Want to know if anyone has had any issues with this BO DAT 499 on VSE 8.7i and 8.5i systems. Under EPO, the only downloads we pull & deploy are the daily DATs. Is it advisable to pull down any other updates like the Buffer Oveflow automatically?



      We always play it cautious in our company as we have been burned by McAfee before and don't have the time/resources to manually fix issues that might occur.