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    19-Apr-2010 McAfee Total Protection gets a major facelift

      19-Apr-2010: My desktop and laptop computers suddenly prompted me with a "not fully protected" alert tonight.  In fact, the "M" icon had an "x" icon on it, during the entire time that (I assumed) McAfee was receiving some sort of large update.  Once that was completed, my McAfee Total Protection suite prompted me to reboot.  Once I rebooted, I immediately noticed the new "M" icon which was now a shield instead of the prior square-box icon.  When I opened the Total Protection Security Center, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the entire tool received a major facelift.  Under Navigation > About, the new versions are listed as SecurityCenter: 10.0.580, VirusScan 14.0.309, DAT 5956.0000, Engine 5400.1158, Personal Firewall 11.0.378, Site Advisor, Anti-Spam 11.0.261, Content 3516, and Parental Controls 12.0.283.


      I can't recall the version I had prior .. but I assume this was a large update to the entire suite.  Let's just hope it contains more than just a facelift, as I still often experience MCODS.EXE consuming nearly all of my processor on WinXP Pro machines.


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