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    SafeBoot EEPC 5.1.2 and Wubi

      I have been asked if this scenario is possible with SafeBoot EEPC in place:


      Wubi allows the user to natively boot Ubuntu Linux without repartitioning the user's HD, installing any special drivers, special bootloaders, etc. It allows Linux to be installed and uninstalled using the Windows Add/Remove programs.  It does create a virtual disk on the user's HD to act ashis Linux partition and he can navigate to Windows partition from Linux and the files stored there. Note that no actual drive "partioning" is done.


      So is it possible to load SB 5.1.2 and not break this virtual partition? 


      Looking for direction as this is somewhat abundant now that I know our engineers are configuring their systems and we need to encrypt there systems.


      Thanks in advance.

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          I think EEPC is currently a Windows only application, so even if you can navigate from Linux to Windows, because of the encryption alg on the Windows O/S you most likely will not be able to ready anything with out something like SafeTech or WinTech to decrypt the data.

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            exactly. If the Wubi data is stored as files under the Windows partition, it will get encrypted.

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              I guess to better address my question, it sounds like there are two concerns: once in Windows, my user won't be able to see his virtual linux partion AND if his machine is encrypted with EEPC (not file and folders) he would not be able to access the Linux partition at pre boot.


              Can anyone confirm this is correct?


              If this is correct, any work around other than going to a VM for Linux or secondary system?





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                What are you trying to achieve? If you're trying to protect all the data on your PC's, then using something like Wubi is not really compatible? I guess you could put it in it's own partition and risk having exposed unencrypted data..


                best thing would probably to use an ACE or VM.

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                  SafeBoot -


                  The goal is to encrypt the drive via EEPC and still allow the user to function within Wubi.  The user today has a dual boot option before Windows loads, if I drop encryption on his laptop, will we lose the dual boot and just have pre boot with SSO?  My guess, that's the case.


                  While VM and ACE are options, the user(s) perform compiles on Linux and it's much faster than running within VMA or ACE because of the system resources being shared/consumed.


                  We don't want to break their business process yet we need to encrypt the laptop.

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                    Even if you make your application running on encrypted disk, it will slow down due to encryption, if app is very IO intensive.