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    Wierd program reaction to McAfee 8.7??




      Some of our consultants run a supply chain network analysis program called Insight SAILS that seems to have an intermittent wierd reaction to McAfee. However, I can't quite put my finger on the problem and McAfee doesn't seem to log the issue anywhere. Here is what happens:


      A consultant will run models in SAILS for X amount of time, could be a week, could be a year, without any problems and then the program will start erroring. And it will continue to error until I momentarily disable On Access Scanning, then the program will start running again for X time. No events are logged anywhere in McAfee, nor in Windows event logs. But the program just will not start functioning properly until that momentary disabling of OAS. Rebooting does NOT help, only momentarily disabling OAS.


      A twist in this is that the problem has yet to happen on any of our desktops, it only happens on the laptops and sporadically at that. The computer are all configured the same as far as software is concerned, the only differences are laptop versus desktop and 2Gb versus 4Gb of RAM. I think the RAM makes up part of the problem, but what is McAfee's interaction in this problem??? Why won't the program start running properly again until OAS is momentarily disabled?


      Thanks in advance.