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    Configuring Orchestrator so see clients

      I just installed Orchestrator on my server and am feeling a bit overwhelmed.


      My first issue is, I need Orchestrator to see my 160-or so clients on my network.


      When I go to "System Tree"; it is empty. How do I tell Orchestrator to search for clients between certain IP addresses?



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          You can either sync EPO with an LDAP setup or Active Directory, or setup a rogue detection method.  I use a combination of both.  If you are using 4.5 rogue detection is built in, 4.0 requires an addon be installed.



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            For the ePO server to 'see' the clients on your network in the system tree you'll need to deploy agents to those clients first.

            Both the AD synch or rogue detection are very good and will automate this for you, but the simplest is to do it manually.

            In the ePO Console go to:


            System Tree - System Tree Actions - New systems

            Select an action under 'How to add systems'

            Under Systems to add, choose browse and select away...


            Make sure you use credentials that have local admin rights on the client machines if you are pushing agents out.


            You will find some video tutorials on the McAfee Service Portal site that should also get you started.



            I'd strongly recommend looking through some of the video material as getting agents out is just the beginning with ePO