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    Total Protection Update - Can't run Security Centre

      Running XP Media Centre Edn SP3 fully up to date (except no IE8) and  VirusScan - 3-User McAfee Total Protection Product Version:14.0.309


      Yesterday 17 April 2010 I got an automatic update from McAfee, it asked me to reboot which I did.  Reboot worked ok nothing unusual except the system tray icon changed from the red square to a shield.

      Now hovering over the system tray icon or clicking it doesn't do anything at all.  Also when I try to run Mcafee Security Centre from the start menu I get a big white oblong in the middle of my screen and the Mcafee Total Protection button on my toolbar (so I guess it's running) but there's nothing in the big white box no buttons menus text or anything.


      Also noticed my video card (ATI Radeon) icon is missing from the system tray and so is my wireless icon.  I've tried disabling re-enabling the wireless icon from Control Panel \ Network Connections \ Wireless Network Connection \ Properties but it still doesn't appear although the tick box is ticked.

      I've been running Mcafee for years on this PC so I don't think it's an incompatibility with the Video card / driver.


      Anyone have the same problem

      Anyone got any suggestions before I uninstall Mcafee





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          I hope you have tried a reboot.


          Please try to reset your Internet Explorer.

          Click on Tools> Internet options>advanced> reset.



          If you still have the same problem, please run this batch file






          Close all open Windows and try to open McAfee.





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            Hi George


            and thanks for the quick response.


            Yes I have rebooted several times


            Not sure why IE should affect this personally I only use Firefox, but I  know there are a lot of common dll's etc


            I tried resetting IE as you suggested - still can't get Security Centre to display - same white box


            Also tried the batch file, it ran ok but - same result still a white box.


            I also ran McAfee Virtual Technician it found a "Missing / corrupt COM component(1)" which it then fixed but this didn't help either



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              Hi Rick,


              McAfee runs in the platform of Internet Explorer.


              There might be any errors in your Internet Explorer.


              Please try to update Windows with latest Internet Explorer (IE 8).


              You can choose it from the Windows updates.

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                Hi again and thanks for your input


                McAfee states the requirements for running Total Protection as IE6.


                I don't want to install IE8 after the bad press it had.  If thats the only soultion I'll move away from McAfee.


                Thanks very much for your efforts



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                  Hello there,


                  I have the same problem as Rick but my system freezes completly after the update I did on the 16th of April. I can start Mcafee in Safe Mode, I even ran a virus scan but in normal mode my system freezes. When uninstalled everything works fine. Whats going on????

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                    Any of you using this on a dell mini netbook?

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                      Hi Rick,


                      McAfee will work even if you have IE6. The reason why I have asked you to install IE 8 is because, Internet Explorer installed on your computer (IE6) possibly have some errors on it.


                      It is not required to install IE 8 if you dont like it, you can try reinstalling your Internet Explorer (IE 6)

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                        Hi again


                        I'm running IE7, sorry I didn't make that clear.  Also I can't  reinstall IE7 in isolation as my PC came preloaded so I would have to revert to the factory backup which would be a major hassle as it wipes the hard drive (I've done this before for other reasons).


                        Peacekeeper - I'm not running a Dell laptop, my PC is a Packard Bell Media Centre Core 2 with 2GB ram.


                        Eslobbe - My PC doesn't freeze, I just can't see anything except a white box when Security Center is running.  All the processes seem to be running in Task Manager so I guess it's actually working I just can't use the UI.  On second thoughts I haven't seen it download the usual daily update since 17 April.  Also my Vista laptop now don't recognise this PC as a friend on the network any more.


                        Well I'm gonna uninstall / reinstall McAfee now that's a relatively easy next step.


                        Thanks all





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                          Hi again


                          I couldn't uninstall McAfee from Control Panel that just tried to start Security Center - back to the white box!

                          MCPR.exe worked mostly (it left a few log files and folders but no .dll's or .exe's)


                          Then I re-installed from a new Total Protection 2010 - 3 user CD but,

                          Site advisor failed to install - I have Firefox as my default browser - don't know if that's significant.

                          Virtual Technician said it fixed some but not all faults and then said to update which I did

                          During the update the activation window popped up but didn't seem to connect to McAfee site - it didn't activate, but my old subscription still has 10 days to run.

                          I downloaded the free version of Site Advisor and installed it ok

                          Reboot worked ok and the system tray icon is still the square "M" not the shield (anyone know what the difference is?)

                          Security Center now opens from the system tray icon ok and everything looks normal

                          Firefox & Site Advisor Add-on are working together ok too

                          I just need to get my new CD activated now


                          All is sweetness and light ......... for the moment - don't speak to soon!


                          Many thanks for your support



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