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    exclamation mark icon on the mcafee program

      What does the exclamation mark icon on the mcafee program?

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          It will be helpful if you could provide us some details about what McAfee products you have installed. Also, if you just hover your mouse over the M icon, you should see the error cause.


          By the way, Whichever product, an alert sign signifies that one or more of the components is not running or is disabled.




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            My brother Samir Thanks for the reply to my question I use McAfee and downloaded through the special server  within the internal network, but recently some users to show them the exclamation mark on the program icon and continue to exist until the work program update The next day, back again

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              i use mcafee virus scan enterprise v

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       is the mcafee agent version not the actual VSE software, if you choose "about" from the system tray right click icon menu what versions are you running?


                the exclamation that shows up is to advise you means that either an access protection rule is being broken or malware has been detected, judging by your other thread where you show multiple sality infections across executables it is probably picking this up.


                Make sure your AV is up to date and run some full agressive scans of all files to clean this up.

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                  Attila Polinger



                  the M icon has the "i" mark when most likely an Access Protection message entry has generated in the Access Protection log file. From the fact that you has McAfee Agent and you downloaded the program from "an internal server" I assume that you have a so-called managed installation, which is centrally configured and "controlled" by someone at your company.

                  Operation of managed installation is not entirely dependent on you, althoguh you might have some control over the software (for example you might be able to create and run on-demand scans).


                  Right-click on the M icon, you'll get a mini command tree. From that tree right-click on VirusScan Enterprise. Another mini command tree is what you'll get. If you see the entry "Access Protection Log" somewhere in the middle, then the original "i" mark meant that this kind of protection has triggered and that is why you see the referenced entry. This entry normally is not present in this second mini command tree, unless the "i" mark appear on the M icon. Select this entry and the Access Protection log opens and when you close this, the "i" mark also disappears.


                  Again, dependent on the managed installation, you can or cannot see a separate window upon any disinfection event that happens on your host. But the "i" mark appears only when there is an Access Protection event happens.

                  This is for you of no special concern. However, if you have problems with your daily work, like getting "access denied"-type messages where you should not, check if this "i" mark appeared. If yes, then Access Protection has triggered and prevented you from doing something.