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    Bad date (localised) display after exporting ePO 4.0 report output to .CSV/Excel

    Attila Polinger



      we have had an automatic server task running a few ePO 4.0 P6 reports with the option of exporting the output to .CSV and sending it to recipients via email. Recently some detailed report have had bad date format, that is, instead of 04.04.2010, it displayed 10.04.2004. Interestingly, the date ouput is not uniform, so in one report detail, there are - mostly - bad date outputs and good outputs which are not in the localised format (i.e. 04/04/10).


      As the report criteria contains interval filtering to the most recent week, the dates should not really be from 2004.

      I suspect there could be some interaction with the CSV/Excel importer DLL and the format of the date from the client, perhaps also plays Excel 2007 in which the detailed report was opened.


      Can someone give a clue which area to better look at? What are the supported Excel versions for ePO 4.0 P6 report export output?


      Thank you:




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