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    McAfee-My Computer is at Risk?


      For the past week my computer has had its ups and downs.  Right now it is saying My Computer is at Risk and the Icon shows that McAfee is turned off.  When I turn it back on it goes right back to being off.  It won't stay on.  Can some one in very simple language explain how to fix the problem.  I had upgraded to Internet Explorer 8 could this be the problem with viruses either being installed by Microsoft, and them trying to get me to buy Antivirus XP.  I have been plagued with all kinds of issues.  So I went to system restore and went back a few days hoping this would fix the issue.  But I am running out of patience with it all.  I am not very computer litterate I can fix some things but I feel like I am in over my head.  With all sorts of issues.  My McAfee is still good till 2011.   HELP

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          Have you run the McAfee Virtual Technician? It is found under Useful Links at the top of this page and it will scan your computer to identify problems and attempt to fix them. Technical Support Chat is also available 24 hours a day under Useful Links and can provide further instructions for you.

          Good Luck

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            I did run the virtual scan  this is what it said:  Virus Scan 3 users. Mc Afee Total Protection 14.0.309. Problem Language not supported.  Problem: Engine out of date update now.  McAfee Online Backup powered by Mozy  Problem Language not supported.  Can you explain what this means or again should I go to the tech support?

            Thank You

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              Did MVT fix anything it reported besides telling you about the two problems you replied back to? Before you do anything else, may I suggest you tick on the red "M" shield below in your taskbar by right clicking it. Then I would like for you to click on Check For Updates. Let the program update and then run MVT again. If still having problems go back to Chat and see what they can recommend. You might also want to post the MVT session id here so either a volunteer McAfee moderator like Ex Brit or Peacekeeper can see it or Dinz or Bala from McAfee can see it as they work directly for McAfee.

              Hang in there and be patient as it is the weekend and you may not hear anything till Monday.

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                Thank you for all your responses to my question.  I did try twice to run McAfee Virtual Scan and it showed the issues with the first scan, then I did run it again and it said that the problem was solved.  NOT!!!  I ended up going to Chat with the Tech and they took over my computer and did whatever to enable the security.  I don't have a clue what happened to

                cause it to disable it.    So far so good on what they did,  I do hope if I have any problems again I know there are others out there who are helpful.  Thanks Again

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                  I am glad that Chat got your issue resolved.


                  Good Luck