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    Major Update Frustrations.  Uninstalled now won't Reinstall.  grr

      --So the frustration begins with successfully updating McAfee Plus only to find it disabled protection and would revert to OFF no matter how many times I turned it ON


      --went to online support chat and was given a fix file that didn't work so I/they ran some windows updates and uninstalled

        all my other virus/spyware software.... except IOBIT, actually.... still didn't work.


      -EXTremely frustrated (especially after reading how COMMON this issue has been with previous updates) that I was told by McAfee that

      the problem was with my computer and I should contact Microsoft or Dell (who wanted $129 to maybe fix whatever might be wrong) and then I would need to Uninstall and Reinstall McAfee.  yeah.


      --So I did everything I could (knowing hardly ANYTHING, i might add) to fix whatever Windows issues i may have.

        Ran multiple IOBIT tools to check and repair windows/disk components, clean, defrag, check registry errors, etc etc etc


      -- I then Uninstalled.  Now it won't REinstall.  "WE COULD NOT INSTALL ANY OF THE SECURITY FEATURES WITH YOUR SOFTWARE"



      So now I have nothing.



      I could System Restore myself to an earlier time....perhaps... but when I run the update the same thing will happen.  which has apparently happened to NUMEROUS people on prior updates.  yet I'm told it's on my end??  and i've spent the past two days messing up my computer in various ways trying to fix it?????  GRRRRRRRRRRRR


      SOOO..... Does anyone know what issue I apparently have that won't let me reinstall McAfee??  and why it'll probably STILL revert to OFF?.  I've done everything on their pre-install checklist.


      Does IOBIT need to be Uninstalled as well for McAfee to install?? 



      this may be my final straw with these people.


      rant ends.



      Anybody with any ideas??  I'm not computer savvy at all.





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