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    Near weeping need help /trojans old and new

      Hi I am about as dumb as they come when it comes to viruses and trojans...after a scan today I found a new one


      in quarentine it reads something like


      Generic Dropper.!czp



      Instead of bugging you all again I started reading more in here and found an area where Ex Brit told someone to click restore and then you can find where to remove etc...so I looked in there and saw items back to 2008 that NEVER showed up in my detection log.....in all I had/have 5 quarantined trojans when I look in restore...and I tried to send them but one said it was too large...one said the network failed..though I am not on a network......I am stunned on this last one cause I came up clean on malaware....and also that Microsoft mal remover a full scan ran yesterday...also windows defender never nailed any of these


      Now I need to let you know I have had EVERYTHING updated..I run live updates and scan all the time.. I read and have in the past been told how to submit a trojan etc...but I just honestly don't understand its all WAY above my head..which makes me feel mega stupid.


      So what do I do all considered???  Can I just check them all and hit delete or will that mean I didn't really delete (remove the full trojan?)  them???????????????????



      Thank you ahead I am very down about this.

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          Hello again,



          That file is a false/positive, the file is part of Lavasoft Ad-Aware antispyware programme. You`ll need to disable Mcafee and then click restore, once the file is restored to it`s original location, then send it to the lab for it to be corrected. You`ll need to install a programme such as Winrar to upload the file to the lab.






          Winrar Tutorial



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            Hey Paul thank you yet again....A couple of questions to be clear....1. Must I have something other than Internet Explorer?  2. What about those other files I found in restore????? They all say quarantine (4 others) or can I just click delete on them???  AND 3 Can't I just write McAfee and tell them of the Lavasoft issue should I not be able to send the file to the lab????  As always thank you and I appreciate all you do to help

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              ALSO to add please



              This is that  Generic dx!pel
              file name ooconfig
              Then I have
              Original Location C/WINDOWS/SYSTEM32
              File Name conime.exe
              detection name
              PWS-LEG.MIR  (this was hidden in restore under file and has an 08 date of quarantine
              GERERIC START PAGE this one was dated 9/19/08
              same gereric start page on
              file name ACS.AEU.EXE same location but 2009 and these last 2 have too many ITEMS to remember I am typing these out all by memory as their is no copy and paste
              Should I be worried?
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                To anwser your questions:


                1. You do not need to use another browser, but i would recommend installing one such as Firefox. If installing Firefox install the addons NoScripts and AdBlockPlus.

                2. No idea what these other files are, you can delete them if you wish, but if they are false positives then certain programs may not work.

                3.No, the lab needs to see the files so they can correct the problem.


                The other stuff that has been found are also false/positives, you`ll need to send them to the lab- i would check to see if you have Artemis set to high, if so, bring it down to medium.;





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                  I have a headache and sore throat tonight so I will be very brief lol lucky you....I can't find and I looked in mcaffee help how to shut just my virus scan off........also on this Artemis I can't find that either...to reset it....I have the free AOL version of McAfee as I pay for AOL I have the better AOL version.....its the security suite..I know how to shut the firewall off but not the scan .can you please tell me where I can find these two items..thanks again


                  BTW Ya know it's been since  2008 and 2009 that 2 items are in that area...would they not have had a fix to these false positives by others reports?

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                    If you have files in quarantine since 2008, then you might be using an outdated version, since you are using the AOL version i suggest checking with AOL to see if you have the correct version.


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                      Hey Paul thank you as always. AOL is not too helpful....I am afraid to re-download McAfee as mine sez it is good till Feb 2011 and I have as my virus scan part 13.15  I can't imagine there is a newer version....I just do not know where to look for the items you told me to reset etc....The area you sent me too....has where you can dl them won't I have 2 McAfees f I download the same version again? Thanks

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                        I still do not know WHERE to look for those things in my suite...to adjust them..can anyone please tell me where to look? Thanks you Paul and anyone else who may be able to help me