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    McShield locked with wireless exe at startup

      While wrestling with this problem



      I've encountered another.  When I boot, a part of my Intel wireless system (zcfgsvc.exe) gets stuck running at 30% of CPU, and McShield takes the other 70%.    A scan of the Intel directory shows no bugs in any exe in the directory (it actually loads 8 of them at boot time).   Perhaps it's a coincidence, but Zcfgsvc was the last process in which RT Detect found the Dropper trojan, which is the recurring problem mentioned above.  The only way out of this CPU lock seems to be to kill Zcfgsvc via taskmgr (I'm hard-wired to the network, so don't need the wireless at the moment.)


      If I try to load Intel Wireless to configure it or if I run Windows wireless to tell it to handle my wifi, McShield and an Intel process named  ifrmewrk.exe get into CPU lock.


      Any clues?  ....   yeah, I could uninstall the Intel product, but it does have features I want for those times I do use Wifi.