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    unknown user in PBA



      I am currently evaluating ePO 4.5 and EEPC 6.0. I have ePO installed and up and running. I have synched the AD and the Windows authentication. I have installed the McAfee agent, EEADMIN and EEPC for windows agent. I have an encryption policy which includes: PBA turned on, Add local user to the PBA, Encrypt c drive.


      I install the EEPC software via a client task. I am logged in as a domain user - Administrator (Built-in). My client machine is in the domain. My C drive is encrypted. I reboot my machine and I come to the PBA screen. I try to log in as "Administrator", it says "Unknown user.". I tried to log in as another domain user, I get the same error. I have made user that these users are added in "Encryption Users" section in ePO. I have done recovery - chanllege and response a few times. I also added a local user and tried that route as well, but no change.


      I have followed all the steps that are mentioned in these 2 discussions: "Unofficial Quickstart Guide for McAfee EEPC v6" and "Unknown user"



      Please help!!!!!!!