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    newlook mcafee security centre worrying me

      me and my dad both bought mcafee internet security back in january and have had no problems with it.., we both had the square white box with the red M as the icon and both security centres were looking exactly the same..... however, this morning my dad noticed his had all changed.. the square logo has now changed to a shield logo, and when you click the icon the security centre looks completely different to mine...

      all the features appear to be there, but the entire layout and design has changed and we are not sure why????

      the license and expire details are still saying it runs out in jan next year, but i checked the control panel and it says the mcafee software was only installed yesterday,even though we have had it for four months....


      is it just an update??? if so why hasnt it happend to mine????/ is there anything to worry about?????


      can somebody pllllease help us???

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          You certainly need not to worry about this as this is the new interface your mcafee software. The version of your mcafee software is been upgraded and enhanced so as to faciliate user feasibiltity and better performance.

          McAfee security center.JPG



          Dinesh K
          McAfee Community Moderator

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            ahhh, thankyou for the quick reply to my question.....


            atleast i know its not a rouge antivirus...    we read so much about it nowadays so i guess its always better to be safe than sorry.....



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              This is great but still does not explain why the other computer's Home screen has not changed. I have exactly the same problem. I have Total protection 2010- 3 licenses which run from the same account and have been using it since January. My layout has changed recently and on my daughter's computer there is still the old icon etc. Will that be upgraded too eventually?  Any help would be appreciated. I'm glad to hear we are protected...