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    Epo 4.5 Problem when i have 2 nic card


      My problem is really weird,
      Since we had some problem with our iscsi i put a direct link from our epo server that serve as backup server too.
      Now that i have 2 nic enabled one in the 10.0.0.x and the other one in a different subnet 192.168.0.x well each time my 192 is enabled it goes for that adress.
      If i disable my 192.168 nic card it goes back to my adress 10.0.0.x. if i disabled both then go for the 192 1st then enabled the 10. still goes for the 192. the thing is the 192 subnet is a static adress as well as the 10.0.0.x but the 192.168 is only a direct link to our nas for backup purpose.


      Now what i want to know, is how to put the serverip to 10.0.0.x


      SpipeSite ID="handler_1" Enabled="1" Type="master" Name="ePO_WINBACKUPW2K3" Server="winbackupw2k3.bikinivillage.com:80" ServerIP="" ServerName="WINBACKUPW2K3:80" Version="4.5.0" SecurePort="443" Order="1">


      the correct adress should be

      That come from the sitelist.xml