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    Automatic engine updates - even though not enabled?


      I'm upgrading a bunch of machines from EPO 3.6.1 to a new EPO 4.5 server


      On the 4.5 server, there is no task for engine updates, just DAT updates


      Now, I'm not complaining, but it seems that the EPO 4.5 server is updating the engines on the workstations.


      For example, yesterday I had about 300 machines with engines older than 5400


      Today, less than a hundred.


      Yet, the only tasks enabled are DAT updates (the engines box is UNCHECKED).


      Again, not complaining, I'm just curious as to WHY it's updating the engines when it's told not to via EPO (perhaps it's a safety thingy that McAfee has enabled so that if the DAT requires the 5400 engine it does update)


      Oh, VSE 8.5i with Patch 8 is what's on the workstations.