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    Slow loading and freezing - software conflicts

      I am the support manager for a software company (SWiSHzone.com). Since September 2009 and up to present, our users (those who also have McAfee Internet Suite) have been reporting problems regarding our software loading slowly and sometimes freezing the computer. This is the type of comment we have been getting -


      "My system freezes intermittently, SM3 is very slow to load, and Mcafee virus scanner turns off several protections features after each time I run SWiSHmax3."


      ...and -


      "the McAfee service freezes the system up to 100% while scanning the executable swishmax3.exe"


      Inevitably we discover one thing they all have in common is McAfee Internet Suite, and also that this problem goes away if our users TURN OFF real time scanning.


      One user (in one of our own support calls) has been in touch with McAfee tier 2 support, and they reported back to us that -


      'Nish at McAfee tier 2 support has read the forum and got back to me with acknowledgement that it is indeed a McAfee problem. Turning real time scanning off removes the slow loading and freezing issue and this has now been referred to ther developers for immediate action. I am told that  I am not the only caller to highlight this issue. McAfee promise a response by Monday and I will keep you informed'.


      I have searched here for related topics without success, and tried to work through the online chat service this morning to try and get some advice and resolution, but to no avail (I feel like I wasted 15 minutes of my life).


      I want to offer our mutual users a better solution than 'turn off real time scanning' or 'change your AV protection', but from my readings here, it seems that an option for exclusion of our software program directories or exe files is not available for home users (can someone confirm this for me?) and the only current solution is to turn off real time scanning.


      How can I confirm that this issue is being addressed now by McAfee developers?

      Is there someway I can bypass the tiered level of McAfee support to actually email someone direct about this issue?

      I am happy to provide any assistance I can to get a resolution


      If this topic is in the wrong place, feel free to move it or tell me where to post.