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    The infamous: Safeboot has been corrupted (error 92h)

      Hello All,


      I have a 1 year old HP EliteBook 8530 laptop, running Windows XP (it shipped that way, and Vista is an option).  I encrypted the hard drive using what I thought was the WIndows built-in disk decryption.  After (during) a crash (I forgot what, but it was something routine), I force power-downed (as I have often done).  Well, too soon, because next time I booted, I got the infamous error message above.


      I've spent the past few days studying posts to attempt to better understand how to fix this problem.  But now I need some guidance, because my gut tells me there is a solution, but I need to proceed carefully to avoid trashing the drive.


      I successfully built a WinPE/Wintech disk (thanks mucho Mr. Safeboot/Mr. Hunt !), figured out the authorization, and am able to access the PC.  However, I apparently never saved the machine key or .SDB, so I'm having trouble authenticating the drive (that's bad juju for sure, I know; if I can fix this, it's the first thing I'll do.)  Of course I know my Windows Username and Password, which are the only authentication I'm aware of.  But I still have no access to the data.


      When I try to "Authenticate from SBFS" I get a "sector chain is not valid" error; when I try it again I get a "Select Tokens" pop-up, with the only option being "Password Only Token".  When I select that, I get a pop-up asking for a User Name and Password.  When I enter my Windows User Name and Password (that's all I know to enter), I get error code 0xe0010022 "The token is not the correct on the for user".


      The other Authentication options refer me to the functioning drives on the computer (D: (the HP recovery volume), CD-Rom, X:, etc.), as if the machine key or some other appropriate database can be found there.  I'm not sure what to look for, but my research indicates I should seek some kind of .SDB file.  No luck so far, though.


      It seems to me that if I could repair the Safeboot boot sector, and get the machine to boot from the hard disk, I might be good.  But that's a guess, since I'm not certain precisely what the problem is.


      My main goal is to access the data, although I'd certainly be happy to get the computer running properly as before.


      Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated.




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          am I right in thinking you enabled Drive Encryption for HP ProtectTools? If so, then you are probably out of luck unless you can find the recovery file that it FORCED you to put on a USB stick when you activated it, unless that is that you registered for central key recovery, then it would have sent it to HP for secure keeping. You can call HP then and get them to help you out. 


          If you are really using "SafeBoot", then you need to speak to your IT team, they will have the recovery blob in their central management system.


          You won't be able to do anything with SafeTech/WinTech without the recovery blob - the error message means that the pre-boot code and data is not where it is meant to be. The most common reason for this is you ran some naughty defrag tool which moved a file which it was told not to (safeboot.xxx)


          So, if you can find your HP recovery blob, then HP will be able to help you if you have a support agreement with them, or, as I say, if it's really the McAfee/SafeBoot product, call your IT helpdesk, and they could help you if they chose to. 

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            You are right, I believe.  So I should look for this USB stick.  Can you tell what the file should look like?  Is it an SDB?


            Thanks for the other info, and thanks so much for the quick and useful reply.  I'll figure something out, or just start over.  One more question: do you think HPs recovery process will allow me to rebuild the system from scratch, if that's what I'll have to do?  The BIOS has a "sanitize disk" option.  Yikes!


            Thanks again.




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              No, it won't be a SDB file - that's a McAfee/SafeBoot thing, you have a HP product, it's very different. Sorry, I don't remember off the top of my head what it's called, it probably has a GUID identifier though - 32 chars or something.


              You will need to nuke the boot sector, fdisk/mbr or fixmbr will do it (depending on what OS you have), but the HP restore should also replace the boot sector with its own.

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                Thanks again, Safeboot.  I'm gradually remembering that I did use HP ProtectTools, which is related to Safeboot, but is HP's own deal.  The name of the file, FYI, is reasonably named actually: HpDriveEncryptionBackup.dat. I've searched all the relevent media I have, and can't find dat file!  Oh well; I guess it's nuke-the-disc time.  It's been interesting and certainly a learning experience, but I've got to suck it up, take my lumps, get back to work (making music!)


                All the best,



                P.S.: If anyone reading this post has any creative (i.e. crazy!) solution  to try, I'll be checking back for a couple days before I do the full  reset.