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    New  Problems

      Ok, now after this mornings update to data file # 5952, I have new problems. First off it told me I had to restart the computer to make the update effective which I have never had to do on a data file update, but I did so. I decided to do a full scan a few minutes ago as it has been 4 days since my last one. It will only scan up to 15 items and then just sits there with the little circle going around but will go no farther and I can't even use the cancel button. The only way to get it stopped so I can unlock my computer is with the Task Manager and telling it to stop that program. It stops it and immediately the icon vanishes from my Notification Area. What is going on?



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          Ok, this is getting worse by the minute. I tried using system restore to go back a few days to when McAfee was working and now I can't even keep the thing on. It says my real time scanning if off and I turn it back on and it stays on about 10 seconds and goes off again. I guess I could try uninstalling the thing and reinstalling it, but I don't understand the things that have started after this mornings data update.



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            Please run patch file.


            http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/oas-disabled-f ix.cmd


            Restart the computer




            Syed Tabrez

            { Mcafee Technical Support }



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                I ran MVT and it told me it didn't recognize the language but I showed en-us just like always. Anyway I told MVT to correct it and right now it is working ok. I did a full scan and it has the 5952 data file in it. Should I still install the patch that you put in your post? I can't try another update unbtil tomorrow as I have already updated it manually just as I always have, but I didn't understand the Restart Computer for that update. It was after I restarted it that everything went downhill.


                Another question about MVT. Why does it install the program but the first time I turn the computer off or reboot it I lose the way to start it. I have even looked in the folders trying to find an exe file that I could use and can't, so I uninstalled the MVT program. I can load it again when I want to use it, but is that the normal way it works?

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                  My apologies for addressing my last post to Peter. I was reading one that he had answered for another person and just put his name on the post. Everything is working as well as it ever has now. It was just something about that update and when it had me reboot the computer that got hosed. But I do wish they would either add sounds, and put in a way to shut off that Smart Timer as my computer is never idle for 10minutes.



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                  OK, now this is getting ridiculous. This morning I noticed that my computer was running very slow so I started a Full Scan. Ran into the same thing I did about a week ago. It got upo to 15 items scanned and just stuck there and the only way to get it unlocked is to use Task Manager and stop the scan. There is more seriously wrong with this Version # 14 than is showing up just on no automatic updates or sounds. I am really wondering if it even detects a trojan or virus if you should hit a place with one. I am going to do an uninstall and rteinstall again and if that doesn't help, then I think I am going to change to another Virus program as this is unacceptable and costs to much time and worry about wheather my computer is safe or not.



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                    Latest edition.  Ran MVT and it says everything is good but the darn thing will not scan past the 15th file and just locks everything up. This is the 2nd time I have had this happen and then it suddenly started scanning ok for a few days. I am just tired of this and my computer is clean as I have ran other malware programs to test for junk.



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                      Ok, now I have another problem. I can't even manually update the dam virus program. It just tells me that it is up to date and my other comnputer with the 2009 version just automatically updated to Data file # 5959, but this 2010 piece of crap is stuck at data file # 5957. MVT tells me that everything is ok. I think this may be my last post as I am just having to many problems with this piece of crap and am tird of it. At least untilyesterday I could manually update it. It just seems to get worse as time goes by.