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    Dual boot WinXP and Win7 with EEPC

      Hi there,


      I have a question about making a dual boot configuration with EEPC.

      I tried the following:


      1. Install Windows XP on the first partition

      2. Creation of the second partition

      3. Encrypted the disk with EEPC

      4. Install Windows 7 on the second partition.


      The result was that Windows 7 is booting from the system.

      No boot manager to choose the Windows XP operating system.


      Does anyone know the right procedure to configure dual boot with WinXP and Win7?



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          Try to use encryption policy: Boot disk only

          Also, make sure that in Boot options, you have Boot manager selected.

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            Bootdisk only is no option, because we also have a data partition which has to be encrypted.


            In the meanwhile I tried the following:


            1. Install WinXP on Partition 1.

            2. Create the data partition 2.

            3. Install Win7 on Partition 3.

            4. Then WinXP as well as Win7 started succesfully from the default Windows boot manager.

            5. Activated the EEPC policy with encryption enabled for the entire disk and with the EEPC Boot Manager enabled.

            6. Partition 1, 2 and 3 encrypted.

            7. Rebooted the laptop


            The result was the following.

            The McAfee EEPC loginscreen appears.

            I logged in succesfully and the McAfee boot manager appears.

            When I boot from partition 1 (WinXP) then the Windows boot manager appears.

            Choosing WinXP boots the OS succesfully.

            Choosing Win7 results in a bluescreen and following a automatically reboot (so fast that I can not read the bluescreen).


            When I choos Win7 in the McAfee boot manager then I get the error message "bootmgr not exist" and "Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete to reboot".


            Someone any idea?

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              you need to install EEPC into all the operating systems prior to encrypting the drive - the BSOD you are seeing, I would guess it's "Inaccessible Boot device" ?

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                Thank you for the answer, mr. Safeboot.

                It solved the problem.