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    Updating the dat file on some PC?



      I've run a report and noticed that some PC are running an SDAT verion that is a few weeks old, how can I force an update?


      Plus how can I be alerted should Sdat file be older than 2 weeks for example, I guess this PC should become uncompliant, I can't find out how to check what makes a PC uncompliant?


      Many thanks

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          You hopefully have an update task going to all machines to update the dats.

          You can create a dashboard to show all dat versions that are being managed and look at the older ones there.

          I have one dashboard query that i run that shows any agent that has checked in in the last 4 hours that isn't compliant.  If I know it is talking to the server, then I can address it from there.  But if a machine has been offline for 2 weeks, it won't have updated dats, so you have to find the ones that are online and still not updating.

          That might not help much, but your issue might be more than a support forum can address easily.

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            How did you add this query to the dashboard?  I have a query showing the info, but I can't drag it to my dashboard?