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    Maximum Recommend Number of Agent Handlers? McAfee Documentation Inconsistencies

      Hi All


      OK, i have a fair idea of how many Agent Handlers i want to use in my design, and, it is not many, but something occured to me when i was getting to grips with thier usage.



      In the EPO 4.5 Hardware Sizing Guide it shows various graphs and load capacity for different numbers of system and different ASCI, and it was shown in a graph that after about 4 agent handlers, there is actually a ''decrease'' in perfomance, i believe, although the explianation has some gramattical errors in the EPO guide, that the SQL Database is constrainted past that point. It goes on to say that for Database Servers with "8 or less processors (rather ambigious)" that you should use up to 3 Agent Handlers, and for Database Servers with "up to 16 Processors" to use up to 4 Agent Handlers. OK, fine. Why then, on page 55 of the EPo 4.5 manual, does it show a screen shot with a console displaying 14 Agent Handlers under managment? Explain please. . .


      How many Agent Handlers are some of you using? I intend to use about 2 or 3 in my current design.






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