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    Downloading glitch?

      So, I've recently perchased Mcafee Total Protection 2010 onto my Dell Inspirion Mini.  I downloaded it online, but when the download begins to run, the installer box goes blank.




      At first, I thought this was normal so I left it alone for a few minutes, but it's still hasn't changed.  I installed it onto my Dell Desktop and it installed perfectly with no glitches whatsoever.


      Does anyone have a solution to my problem?  If you have any questions that need to be answered before you can answer mine, then don't hesistate to ask.


      EDIT: I just turned on the sounds to the laptop, and it seems to be making a clicking sound (the computer makes when you double click something).  The sound is very rapid and when the cursor is over the installer, it reappears and disappears as fast as it's clicking.






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