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    How to make changes to options.pptp permanent

      I recently swapped my old SG530 from the very early Snapgear days out and a SG565 in. So, far, so good. It works really well and it's a pity that I just saw the EOL/S announcement.

      One problem so far: VPN connects from my Windows Mobile 6.1 VPN client don't (didn't) work. After some googling I found out that the pptpd default options have changed in 4.0.6. That's obviously a change done by the pptpd developers and not McAfee. So, I'm not blaming them. The change is "nomppe-stateful", older version used "mppe-stateful" by default. Unfortunately, the Windows Mobile client can do only stateful. Indeed, changing this option in options.pptp and *not* restarting pptpd fixes this.

      Now for the problem: this doesn't stick. As soon as I restart pptpd (as one would normally do after a change) it's back to "nomppe-stateful". I also suspect that other changes trigger pptpd for a rewrite of that file, at least I got the feeling after switching off/on the DNS proxying of the device. Of course, this is not a comfortable situation if I have to be afraid that it changes back at any given time. At the moment it still is on mppe-stateful since yesterday. So, how do I make this change permanent?

      Furthermore, can I request that you add this problem (Windows Mobile client needs mppe-stateful) to your KB? There's quite some good stuff in it and I was surprised that this hasn't come up yet. Thanks.

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          i will submit a bug ticket for this.

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            The devs tell me earlier versions had this option set to 'mppe-stateless' by default,
            which means the same thing as the current default of 'nomppe-stateful'.

            There's no GUI option to change this, but you can change the
            'encryption.stateless' option on the system -> advanced -> device config page.

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              Your devs are right. I had to swap in my old SG530 today and it's indeed on that setting. I didn't check yet if the VPN works with Windows Mobile. The story is that I have this smartphone only for two months or so and am not using it regularly. I did a few tests when the SG530 was still on the line and sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. It was not really compelling. So, I postponed that. Then I got that SG565 a few weeks ago and revisited the problem a few days ago. With the SG565 the behavior was absolutely consistent: no connect at all. So, I think it's rather possible that it didn't work with the SDG530 neither (and my memory on this is wrong) or that it sometimes worked and sometimes not. After all, the mppe-stateless may have slightly different behavior, e.g. prefer stateless, but allow stateful nevertheless. And I guess that nomppe-stateful does explicitely prohibit it.

              Once I have time I will retest with the SG530. But the problem remains: how to keep that change? Is there a difference if I use 'encryption.stateless' ? e.g. if I do it there instead of writing to options.pptp it will stick?


              Different matter:

              As mentioned above, I had to swap in the SG530 in the morning. The SG565 is suddenly dead. It's only showing the power light and the ethernet jacks on the back flash sometimes. No other lights are on when I switch it on. I bought this unit a few weeks ago second hand quite cheap. So, there is no warranty on it, anymore. I fear I have to throw it away. Or do you have any idea how to revive it? I already tried to reset it to factory, but there is no difference. It would really be a pity if I have to throw it away. It had much better performance than the SG530. I really liked it.

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                the 530 behaviour you observed is typical of NAT devices performing GRE NAT badly


                the 565 was on version 4 ?


                it sounds like it needs a recovery boot, which will/should be automated in v4.


                It may be accessable on now, as there were some v4 builds that did not flash the h/b led when booting the recovery image. Give it a go on


                If no success, hold down the erase button when powering on, does it get a h/b led flashing and/or accessable on ?

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                  yes, changes to device config via the GUI will stick.

                  As will to config files which have this line in them


                  ##-- Custom entries MUST be added below this point


                  if this line is not present, the changes wil be trashed and as such you need to do it via device config if supported.

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                    Ok, thanks for details! Much appreciated! If I can't revive the SG565 I will try it on the SG530. (Oh, if anyone in Germany has a cheap SG565 for me, please contact me :-)

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                      No, I think it's beyond that. It is on 4.0.6 and worked nicely until tonight. It seems to be completely dead. Only the power light is on, not even a heartbeat. I tried pressing the erase button twice and I also tried your suggestion with pressing it during a power on. No way. I didn't try if it reacts on, but I think if it's got no heartbeat and no other lights except the power light then there is no point to try that, right? It seems it doesn't boot. If it is on power it gets a little bit warm on the bottom, but barely noticable. Much less than in normal operation. The SG565, or at least this one, gets much warmer in normal operation than the SG530 (which is almost cold). I guessed that to be normal. Is it normal in your experience? If not, than this may have indicated an upcoming death. Maybe something smoldered inside. Perhaps I should have opened and undusted it, before putting in normal operation. Although, it looks from the outside like it never got used. Undusting it now will probably not help anymore. But I want to try it. I released the three screws at the bottom front and thought I should then be able to remove the cover. But it won't go. Can you help me on this? As I said, it's not under warranty anymore. But you may be under policy to not talk about something like that.

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                        Yes, the H/B led is software driven so this is not good.


                        Have you

                        tried changing the power supply if you have a spare ?


                        Yes, hot is normal.

                        after removing the 3 screws the lids slides off to the front...but I don't think this is going to help you

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                          Hi, thanks for your suggestions. I already searched all of my lab yesterday for a power supply that would fit. Unfortunately, the one for the SG560 uses an unusally small jack. I don't have any other of that size. The one for the SG530 has a bigger jack, the same size that all my other power supplies have.


                          I had it off (both the power supply and the snapgear) over night. I put it all in for another try today. There are a few heartbeats on initial power on. Something like four or five heartbeats and then after a second another four or five beat series. That's it. No ping to and no serial console.

                          The power supply is *very* hot, one side is so hot that I can touch it only for a second. So, I have some hope that just the power supply may be dead. Will take a while until I find a replacement that fits with the jack and with the output.


                          Thanks so far, anyway!

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