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    Configuring guest network

      Using a SG720.  Port A is configured as the internal network.  Ports D & E each have connections to ISPs.


      I want to set up a guest network for office guests who may need Internet access.  I've configured port C as a Guest network, with an IP of, netmask of 24.

      I've enabled the DHCP server for this port, and it is correctly handing out addresses.  Name lookups to the firewall are returning good results.


      All of the guest network documentation indicates that access to any other network segments requires either a VPN connection, or configuring packet filtering rules.  As this is for actual guest use, I want to get them access to the Internet.  I've tried a few different rules, but can't seem to make anything work correctly.


      Can anyone provide a quick rundown of what rules need to be put in place for this to work?