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    Queries for MEE 6.0.1

      1. Can we add custom MEE users in MEE 6.0.1 like we used to do for MEE 5.x? Let's say - I want a few backdoor non-AD users....!!


      2. Can I use my 5.x themes for 6.0.1? If not - how can I create a custome theme if I want to use my background as well as my company logo in the login prompt window? I think currently I can only change the background ...!! Which folder in ePO server, can I see my current stored themes?


      3. Is there a way I can turn-off the 'change password' prompt that I get after using my default password?


      4. In MEE 5.x there was a feature to encrypt connected removable drives? Is that still available in 6.0.1?



      Thanks in advance..!!


      - AB

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          1. No - all users have to exist in AD

          2. No, you can though use the Glade UI designer to reengineer any aspect of the v6 theme, you can change everything. Just unzip the theme, then you can modify it.

          3. Not if you want it changed still?

          4. No, removable media encryption was never popular so it was removed in favor of EEFF