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    RSD fails to deploy

      I have a situation where I'm trying to deploy the RSD to one of our subnets. I deploy the Rouge system sensor and the agent on the remote device shows the the deployment. Unfortunatly it does not install or even register in the event log of the device. Has anyone else had the issue where it looks like its deployed but fails to register. Are there any logs I can check or has anyone else had the issue.

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          Attila Polinger



          you can check several logs on the remote host where you attempted to deploy RSD sensor:


          ePO 4.5/RSD 4.5 :

          1. Windows event log (for MSI messages related to RSD sensor installation)

          2. RSD sensor log (%TEMP%\McAfeeLogs\RSDSEN450-Install-MSI.log

          3. and the McAfee Agent log, if the failure occurred before the MSI install has started.


          ePO 4.0/RSD 2.0:

          If found no reference of a different logfile, so I assume the above applies here, too. Note that there are several command line switches that you can use (and issue on the RSD sensor deployment task property page.)

          Requires an RSD Server installation on the ePO server first.


          Which one is yours?



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            Were running running 4.0 and RSD 2.0. There is no RSD logs on the server I tried to install the RSD on. The starnge thing is when I deploy the RS it registers in the agent window but nothing happens on the server. There are no events logs showing the installer starting and it just does nothing.


            I have attached a screen shot of my log file on the agent.

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              the time for the deployment task is set to ten minutes later than the log exert you showed, what happened at 14.11?


              do the machines have RSD 1.0 agents already installed?


              what do the windows logs show for when the task shows to be running? is the msi failing or something similar?

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                Thanks for the reply


                there is no RSD previsouly installed and the windows logs register nothing. On previous devices you see the windows installed intiate and start on this baby nothing. The agent shows succesful install but the its not installed.