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    Group size Limit for MEE 6.0.1

      I remember there was a group size limit(number of users in a group) for MEE 5.x for better performance..is there something like that for MEE 6.0.1 as well?


      Suppose I want to assign all my users (let's say 10 k) to a laptop - how that's going to affect in performance and user experience?




      - a lot of roaming user using different laptops

      - laptops can be tossed between various departments

      - Imaging is the best solution for laptops even for small problems


      What is the best solution for assigning users in these scenarios..!!


      - AB

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          First, the security reasons for not doing that remain, plus the network load and policy updates etc - all the same. Every time a password changes, it has to be sent around to every other machine, just like before. 10,000 users per device, think about what's going to happen when peoples passwords start expiring etc...


          So, just assign who's necessary, or use the "automatically add local domain users" feature.


          I know it would be great not to have to bother, or not to have security at all and just let everyone use everything, but, that's not compatible with regulation and controls. You need to define who, what, where, when, why.


          Hey, look to the bright side - at least you can assign a bunch of users! - Most products it's limited to a few dozen or so, one well known product has no user support at all...

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            Thanks Mr. CTO...appreciate your help on this.


            - AB

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              BTW - I forgot to ask the recommended limit for users in a group? Is that still remains > 2000 (same as specified for 5.x per the best practice guide?)


              Thanks a ton.


              - AB

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                it's not important in v6, as there are really no "groups", but you don't want to add more users to machines than needed.