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    Security Essentials/ Microsoft Threat Management Gateway: A threat or not


      I have been hearing a lot of fuss about the two products listed above, and since our environment (west africa) is predominantly windows both on the desktop and server end..... it is been touted as the next line of defence.


      One great advantage microsoft has here in our environment is the COST ADVANTAGE, since the product is considerably free, as long as you have a licence!!!!!!!!!! and all companies here have the licence, or presume so!!!!!!!!!!!


      This has become imperative, because of the whole economic depression stuff and companies are cutting cost....and you know where companies start their prunning from? Here it is the IT department......and they start ton reconsider and scrutinize the IT budget/Projects......it's crazy.....lol


      My concern is that what does that pose for the McAfee Market in the West Region of Africa.






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          There is always some or the other development happening on the competeive marketing front


          I am sure all the security companies are working towards making it a Win-win situation for the company itself and its subscribers.



          Microsoft Security Essentials is certainly a free product and was touted a lot when it was being launched. However, just to give you an indication as to how good it is at protecting your servers/computers , I suggest we should take a look a the latest comparatives by Virus Bulletin. The Microsoft Security Essentials failed the test among many others.


          Both the tested  products from McAfee have won it !!!