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    eToken plugin for 6.1 available?


      Hi there,


      does anyone have a plugin for eTokens in EEPC 6.1?

      The documents say one could "easily integrate" token systems into 6.1, but so far I have not seen anything in regard of how to do so.


      I would need to know if I can integrate various Aladdin eToken systems or if there are predefined plugins available for download somewhere.



      Thanks guys!

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          6.1 is not released yet, and won't be for some time, but regardless, the v6 platform does not have "plugins" - everything is built in.


          We realized that people found it far too confusing to pick and choose the options we needed, so we sacrificed package size for simplicity with v6 and just built everything in.

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            Ok. Seems I have mistaken V6 Patch 1 for 6.1 then.

            But anyway... is there a way to get eTokens to run with that version?

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              this from the readme.html file with EEPC6 Patch 1: As you can see, eToken is not listed, so no, it's not currently supported.


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                Ok, thanks.

                Will continue to wait for 6.1.