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    "No Credentials Required" category contains alerts duplicated with other categories


      Hi all.


      I have noticed that the category "No Credentials Required" contains some alerts that exist in other categories. Fo example CVE-2008-4835 (MS09-001) which exists in the following categories:


      "No Credentials Required"

      "Patches and Hotfixes"

      "Patches Only"


      Accodring to KB67592, the Patches Only category is disabled by default in order to avoid duplicated alerts, but the same is not true for "No Credentials Required", which will cause duplicated alerts in CSV reports. I have tested the HTML version of the report and oddly the alerts are not duplicated...


      My guess is that I should disable the "No Credentials Required" category from my asset reports, as most alerts are duplicated on other categories.


      Thanks in advance.


      Please advise.