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    Schedule mcafee agent deploy

      Is there is way to schedule mcafee agent deployment to computers that don't have the agent ?

      I know you can create a product deployment task for this, but this only applies to computers with the agent already installed.

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          You could pre-add the systems into the system tree, tag them, then schedule your deployment task for those with that tag.


          Or use a 3rd party management tool like Config Manager (like I do)



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            Hello anarine,


            if the shedule time is not that important for you you can use the rogue system detection, too.

            You can generate an automatic response based on rogue system detections combined with an forced installation for every rogue system detection event. (this can be configured in the automatic response task) You need rogue sensors reposrting to your ePO to do this.


            In my opinion there are two limitations.

            • If you are using mostly agents with version 4.5 the deployment will fail on w2k systems. (but you can choose different agents in the deployment section if there are different versions checked in your ePO. So you can deploy e.g. a 4.0.x version and upgrade them afterwards.)
            • You can enter just one "admin" account for the deployment. You need a domain account present on your systems or a local account with the same password on every node.


            Regards, Tim