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    Unable to open custom file using the "open" option of OPEN/SAVE Dialogue box in IE7 and IE8 with McAfee ver 8.7 i



      We are facing an issue with IE7 and IE8 with McAfee ViruScan Enterprise and AntiSpyware enterprise 8.7.0i. The OS is Windows XP SP2.


      Following are the details:


      ·         We have a website that enables users to attach a custom file type (.tse extension).

      ·         Users can view/open these type files using a custom viewer application called Techstream Viewer (which is installed on the viewer’s local machine).

      ·         When we click on the attachment link on our website, we get the open/save dialogue box. Clicking OPEN fails on IE7 and IE8. If we save the file locally and then open it, it works fine (on IE7 and IE8).

      ·         However, on other browsers, IE6, Chrome or Firefox, the open button works perfectly.


      We tried it out on a machine without McAfee. It is working fine there. Which means that McAfee is blocking the file to open from Temporary Internet files location.

      However, our clients have this McAfee version throughout there corporations. What should be the way to get this working with McAfee ON.