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    I am Outraged!

      Recently after having my computer infected with the virus vista antispyware 2010, I understand how useless Mcafee seems to be. I purchaced the sofware expecting it to be safe and reliable, yet at the first sign of a virus It seems to be completely inaffective. Surely If other cheap/free programs are able to identify and block a program, then an expensive/ over priced program should be able to do it even more effectively.But instead it seems to completely ignore the virus threatening my computer!


      Frankly I am completely outraged at how incompetant the program is, and know that if anything had have happened to my computer I would of sued!

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          Peter M

          No anti-virus in the world will catch everything that's why we recommend people carry at least one extra anti-malware application to be there in such circumstances, such as Malwarebytes free or similar.


          The free tools you speak of work differently from anti-virus applications and are meant only as a supplemental protection not a replacement.


          These types of malware are difficult to deal with in that they are fake and spoof genuine software and only get hold of your machine when you click on any link or button they display.


          Keep your machine totally up to date and protected and be ultra careful what you click on and/or download.

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            Peter M

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