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    How to format my Encrypted 120GB USB?


      I have a McAfee Encrypted 120GB USB external drive. I really don't need any of the encryption software and would prefer to just use the device as an external hard drive. I've tried to format the device but windows doesn't let me.

      How can I completely format it so that I have a regular external hard drive?



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          What error do you get when you try to format it?


          Is your EEPC machine policy to encrypt removable drives or not? Check that using EEM.

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            I don't get an error but it won't allow me to format the private partition with my files on them. When I try, there's no format available on the drop down menu where I'd normally expect to see FAT32 or NTFS. These were handed out for us a while back but I just want to use it as a storage device with no encryption.



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              I think the point of giving you an encrypted disk, is so you DONT use it without protection.


              You trying to bypass the encryption is putting your company at risk of fines and penalties under the PII and PHI regulations.


              But, to answer your question, you can't - The hardware is enforcing two areas (public and private). If you want your own unprotected stick, why not just go buy one?

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                What operating system do you use?

                What Windows Disk Management show for that disk?


                Did you get encryption policy info for your machine? What is it?

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                  Thanks to everyone for your help. I tried to format the USB but it resisted all attempts to do so. It wasn't meant to be :-( I'll just continue to use it as it was designed for and go an purchase another unprotected drive.



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                    I am looking to do the same thing.


                    In my case i plugged my personal drive into the eSATA port on my company laptop and safeboot took it over and it took about 1 day for it to complete safeboot on the 1 TB drive. Reformatting will only take 4 hours.


                    So i am looking for the correct way to reformat the drive for normal windows format and i came here and found this thread.


                    If i take that drive and plug it into some other PC without safeboot using USB, windows XP thinks it is not formatted and asks to format it. But i have not let it as that is not the correct steps i don't think aways. I think i would need to delete the partition first and fix the MBR. then make a new partition. Isn't that correct because safeboot is hiding the partition or data from windows and with no safeboot software installed on this PC it can't see the data and it thinks something is wrong with this drive and needs formatting.


                    So please help me on what is the correct and safe way/steps to reclaim this drive for general use between my 4 PC's and not just my work PC.

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                      you need to get your company admin to allow the drive to be used without security - personally, I expect they won't allow it, as the whole point of applying security to the laptop is to protect the data.


                      there's no way you can use this device as an ESATA device without their permission - every time you plug it in, the system will protect it.


                      To reclaim it as you say though, plug it into an unprotected machine and repartition/reformat it, or again, get your administrators to set the policy to not encrypt it.

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                        For EEPC In most cases you can use external USB connected drives without danger of being encrypted. Just avoid using eSATA connection. You may lose some speed but gain compatibility.

                        As for encrypted drive, yes, fix MBR on it first, then partition and format.



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                          Thanks for the replys


                          It's good to know what is needed before you start something so there is no surprises.

                          Now i will have to see about how i will fix the MBR on a USB drive. I may have to remove the drive and install in the PC if my boot CD can't see the USB.

                          Maybe i can pull the hard drive out of the laptop, and connect this esata and use my boot CD. That should work and it it should not get safeboot applied again as the main hard drive is not in control when pulled.

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