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    Help please? Getting wallpaper only!

      I have a problem on an XP machine. McAfee ran its normal scan and identified two trojan horses. It removed one and required a reboot. I rebooted the machine. It started up normally until it got to the user logon screen. I could select a user and it would appear to be loading preferences. However, it opened onto the desktop with only the wallpaper showing. No apps, no toolbars, no nothing. I can get the Task Manager window. It shows no applications running and the System Idle Process is running at 99%. I can’t get to anything else.


      I can also restart in Safe Mode. It goes through the start up until I get to the user logon screen. After selecting a user, all I get is a black screen with "safe mode" logos in each of the four corners. Again, the Task Manager shows that no applications are running and the System Idle Processes is running at 99%.


      Anyone have any idea about how to resolve this?


      Thanks for the help