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    Can somebody help me?

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          Could you please tell me the operating system, type of internet connection, and when exactly do you get this error message.

          Also do you have any other anti virus software or an older version of mcafee installed on the computer?

          Did you try the mcafee virtual technician?

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            I have xp. I actually managed to sucessfully install the software, but then I needed to do a system restore to back before I had the software installed. I then tried to reinstall the software, and I got this error message.


            Yes I tried virtual technician, it didn't help.

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              Did you use the MCPR removal tool found at the top of this page under Useful Links? There is probably some corruption in there causing you problems. Try again by uninstalling via Add/Remove programs and reboot. Next step use the MCPR and reboot. Login to your account at McAfee and download again. If still having problems contact Technical Support Chat also found under Useful Links.

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                I have done everything you said, spent two seperate sessions in chat doing different things each time. It still won't install.

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                  Hopefully ExBrit or Peacekeeper will chime in here and suggest something I may have not thought of already. They also have the ability to flag this for someone from McAfee that i cannot do on my own.


                  We already know you have XP. Do you know what service pack you have? How do you connect to the internet? Did you ever have any security software installed prior to attempting to install McAfee? What browser are you using? Are you up to date with all of the security updates from Microsoft?


                  Try these programs to see if you have any spyware or malware running. www.malwarebytes.org and www.superantispyware.com both of these programs are free and catches a lot of stuff that should not be there.


                  You may also want to do a online virus scan from www.eset.com/onlinescan this is also a free program let all of these programs clean anything they find. Just follow the instructions given. After you complete these programs try doing the install from McAfee again. If still having problems go back to the chat and ask to be escalated to higher support and get a case number to report.