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    EPO 4.5 managing 4.0 Clients

      I saw it posted on here but can't find the article now. Is there a downside to managing epo 4.0 clients with 4.5 server? Reason we can't upgrade these to 4.5 is that they are on XP Sp1 machines that can not be upgraded to SP2 or 3 for vaildation reasons. I know you can manage them, but my concern is what will I not be able to with 4.0 clients that I can with 4.5 across the board. Thanks in advance.


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          EPO 4.5 works just fine with MA 4.0. For example EPO 4.5 RTW came with MA 4.0 pre-checked into its repository. The only time using MA 4.5 with ePO 4.5 becomes absolutely essential is if you are using multiple agent handlers. This is not impossible to do with MA 4.0 but it is immensely more difficult than using MA 4.5.


          Also you can use multiple agent versions with EPO. If for example you had an older OS that was not compatible with MA 4.0 (Windows 2000 for example) you can check MA 4.0 into your evaluation or previous branch and have MA 4.5 in the current branch. You cannot have two different agent versions checked into the same branch however.

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            Thanks for the reply, but is there any loss of functionality from a 4.0 to 4.5.

            Basically if I have win xp sp1 clients with the 4.0 agent and win xp sp2 with the 4.5 agent will they be able to be managed the same across the board. thanks in advance.

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              Well here are some of the features that are not implemented in MA 4.0 (but are implemented in MA 4.5):

              * User based policies which are currently only supported by one point product anyway (Site Advisor Enterprise 3.0)

              * Multiple agent handlers. MA 4.0 can be used in a multi-agent handler environment but it will ONLY try the first agent handler the list and will never fallback to another handler.

              * Agent Data Channel. This is a special communication method currently only used by EEPC 6.0. I'm not aware of any other point product that uses this at this time. Also the agent data channel is used for the on demand update tasks. On demand updates occur when you select a machine in the ePO console and select "update now". You can still use the standard client-task update method.


              Those are the only three major features I can think of that won't work without MA 4.5. Of course you won't get the fancy new MA 4.5 tray icon either



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                This is what I needed Jeremy. Thanks a bunch. Yea, I think that the Tray Icon alone is incentive enough to get to 4.5, .